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7 Ways To Guarantee That You’ll Look Naturally Beautiful In Your Wedding Pictures


Wedding pictures are an important part of your big day and the best way to preserve special memories from your wedding for years to come.

Naturally, you want to look your best for the camera on your special day.

But if you’re anything like me and you hate the way you look in photos, then you’re probably already stressing about your wedding photos. Am I right?

Have no fear. I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade from a professional photographer to ensure that you’ll look your absolute best in your wedding pictures!

With these 7 simple tips, you can help your photographer capture some great shots of you at your wedding.

#1 – Remember to breathe.

Holding your breath during a photo will make your whole body to become stiff and posed-looking in the final shot. If you feel yourself becoming tense or trying too hard to pose for the photo, simply take a deep breath before the shot.

#2 – Try to forget that the camera is there.

Candid shots will capture the most beautiful, natural moments of your special day. Focus on the people around you and your activities, and let the photographer work to catch those special, intimate moments. The less you have to worry about, the happier you’ll be… and the more natural you’ll look when the camera is pointed at you.

#3 – For posed wedding pictures, angle your body slightly.

Whenever possible, do not face the camera head-on. This will give your face more dimension as well as slim the body and make you appear taller. Hey, every little thing helps!

#4 – Practice your poses beforehand.

Take a peek through some celebrity magazines to get ideas of poses to try. That way, you’ll be able to see — ahead of time — which poses look the best for you. Take some time to practice in front of a mirror until you’re comfortable striking a confident, fun pose.

#5 – Use your eyes to convey emotion.

Think of ‘smiling with your eyes’ to help capture the sense of how you’re feeling at the moment. The eyes are the windows to the soul. This becomes vividly apparent on camera. Try it now… look happy… surprised… honored… and grateful. See, your eyes say a lot on their own!

#6 – Relax.

Have fun and laugh with your wedding party and others at your wedding. These moments of joy are beautiful on  camera — because they reflect how much you truly are enjoying yourself. If you start feeling tired or you begin to focus too much on how sore your feet are, just ask the photographer to take a quick break while you refocus.

Well, of course you have to blink while you’re posing for a photo. But if you’re worried about blinking during the shot or being caught with your eyes half closed — especially in group photos — then try this. Close your eyes until right before the picture is taken. Open your eyes as the photographer nears the end of the countdown. This way, you can take a moment to focus on the camera.

With a little practice ahead of time and these tips committed to memory, you’ll look naturally beautiful in your wedding pictures.

Just remember to eventually let your hair down so you can get lost in the moment and enjoy the precious moments of your big day!