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Top 5 Gifts Most Couples Regret Not Adding To Their Wedding Gift Registry

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By Regina

A wedding gift registry is one of the fun things about planning a wedding because you get to add those items that you would be interested in having as wedding gifts.

Doesn’t the idea of picking out possible wedding gifts sound exciting to you?

Even so, often there are gifts that you don’t get added to the wedding gift registry that you realize later on that you should have added.

The top 5 things that every bride and groom-to-be should add:

  1. Everyday barware. This is for your informal parties and get togethers.
  2. Holiday items such as holiday plates and trays and even ornaments.
  3. Everyday china. There are a lot of different every day china styles available these days and many couples wish after the fact that they had added these to their registry.
  4. 2 serving platters; a formal one and an informal one. That way you are covered for both formal and informal parties.
  5. Home decor items. Most couples redecorate their home once they get married, so be sure and add some home decor items that you both like to your wedding gift registry.