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Best Man Speeches: 3 Things To Include

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By Regina

Have you been asked to be someone’s best man?

Tips for giving best man speeches

Does the thought of giving a speech in front of all those people make you nervous?

Best man speeches can be scary if you don’t know what to say — but when you break it down, it becomes rather easy.

Here are our tips for giving a best man speech…

Best Man Speech Tips

There are 3 key ingredients in all best man speeches.

They are:

  1. Thank whoever paid for the reception first. That is most often the bride’s parents — but not always, so you may want to find out first so you thank the right people.
  2. Toast the bride and groom separately. Talk a bit about how the groom has changed the bride for the better, and then how the bride has changed the groom for the better. Some men forget this when giving best man speeches, but it’s an integral part of a best man’s speech.
  3. Wrap up with a simple toast to the bride and groom together. 

When writing your best man speech, here’s how to write the beginning, middle, and end and what not to say.

More Tips For Your Best Man Speech

Still nervous?

Want more ideas for giving best man speeches?

In addition to the tips I’ve included above, here are some other resources to help you prepare your best man speech: