Create Your Dream Wedding Dress With These One-Of-Kind Online Wedding Dress Design Sites

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online-wedding-dress-design If the idea of shopping for just any wedding dress doesn’t excite you, then you may want to consider something entirely new and different: online wedding dress design!

Designing your own wedding dress can be a really fun idea. And if you’re a seamstress, then you could design and create your own wedding dress yourself from scratch.

Thanks to computers and the Internet, there are lots of ways to get ideas for making your own wedding dress.

Recently, online wedding dress design websites have started popping up, and most of them are really cool!

Here are my favorites…


#1 – Wedding Dress Creator

I really like this one because it has several different hairstyles, skin tones, jewelry, and dress types. You can even choose different backgrounds and pick an accent color. The only thing this online wedding dress design site lacks is the ability to change the body type of the model. (Not all of us are model thin.)


#2 – I-Amour

This one is pretty good, but it doesn’t have as many choices as Wedding Dress Creator does. Also, it kind of comes off as a little too simplistic. In a way, the end result looks more like a cartoon rather than a realistic image. I would imagine the wedding dress designs seen here would probably be relatively simple to duplicate. They do let you choose the eye color, shape of eyebrows, and lipstick colors — which Wedding Dress Creator does not. But there’s no body type choice here either.


#3 – Doll Divine Wedding Dress Creator

Similar to the 2 sites mentioned above, this one is a little cartoonish, but it’s helpful for getting a general idea of what you like and don’t like.


#4 – David’s Bridal Figure Flattery Guide

Finally, an online wedding dress design site that allows you to change the body type! This is a great option, since we’re not all model thin and perfectly shaped. See what’s best for you if you have an hourglass shape, or if you’re a triangle, inverted triangle, or rectangle.


#5 – Flonga

Designing your wedding dress on this online wedding dress design site is really fun because you can actually pick your own textures for your wedding dress material. Other wedding dress design sites allude to texture with the different dress styles, but Flonga actually gives you a few different textures that you can actually try.


#6 – TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress – Design Your Own

Choose your shape, neckline, fabric, color, and embellishments. You can save it, share it, print it, and use it to discover more about your bridal style.


#7 – Olivia Luca’s Design Studio

Design your own dress, in your own style, for your own body, without sewing a stitch!