Our Beach Wedding In Tropical Paradise: Nassau Bahamas

by Lynnette

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It was on a sunny beach in Jacksonville, Florida on April 23, 1999 (just 4 months after we met) that we initially pledged our love… and our desire to spend the rest of our lives together. We even drew our dreams in the sand and preserved the moment in photographs.

wedding photo taken by professional bahamian photographer

On December 5, 1999, we packed the bare essentials, then put ourselves in “cruise control” (pun intended) for a relaxing Weddingmoon where every last detail had been taken care of for us by a wedding planner who specializes in tropical wedding locations.

From Port Canaveral Florida, our destination was Nassau Bahamas.

Postcard of the Carnival cruise ship - FANTASY
We sailed over moonlit waters to an island paradise called Cable Beach.

On December 7, 1999, there we stood…

With our toes dipped into the crystal clear blue ocean — on the edge of time between the sun and the water, the earth and the sky — to join in marriage and share one path for the rest of our lives.

Wearing a long rayon sleeveless summer dress (purchased through the process of trial-and-error at the local Outlet mall), with a small bouquet of fresh picked yellow and white daisies in hand, this first-time bride walked barefoot into matrimony, hand-in-hand with her prince charming on Paradise Island’s Cable Beach.

Jim in the fitting room, but not real thrilled with all the picture-taking Lynnette tried on about a dozen different dresses - even summery pant suits! Lynnette didn't like that dress at all! Jim in the fitting room - never did find the right 'look' for him on this day Lynnette's wedding dress - a simple summery dress that had a little bit of 'flow' to it

here come the bride & groom skipping down the yellow brick road

Our wedding colors were sky blue, sandy brown, and sunset yellow… the colors of nature that surrounded us on the beach that day.

We stood along the water’s edge with the sounds of the ocean all around us, the blue skies above us, the seagulls in the background, and the ocean air gently blowing.

All this… while the sun was slowly setting behind us.

Jim and Lynnette's wedding ceremony - exchanging vows oceanside on Cable Beach in the BahamasOurs was a very simple, very intimate wedding, and it didn’t cost us a fortune! How appropriate that the name of our cruise ship was Carnival’s FANTASY ship. Now, what’s more fantasy-like than walking hand-in-hand, barefoot on a sandy beach along water that’s a color straight out of a box of crayons!

We did all the research on our own, and found an independent professional wedding planner to put together all of the details of the cruise, accommodations, marriage licenses, etc. for us. She knew all of the in’s and out’s to turn our wedding day dreams into a reality.

Today, you can find everything you need to know about getting married on Cable Beach in the Bahamas all in one place!

More photos from our wedding day


Ours was a Sagittarius wedding (November 22 – December 21)

This is a couple transformed by festive happiness. They consider their event blessed, and the wedding will be marked by unbounded positive energy, like a newborn puppy. It will be full of laughter and fun, and will produce a family full of adventure, ready for anything.  Source


And now, just for laughs…
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