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How to elope - from elopement wedding dresses, to the best places to elope, and elopement packages that will take care of all the details of your surprise wedding & make it the destination wedding of your dreams.

You can become an ordained minister online within 72 hours. It's FREE, quick, effortless, and legal! Here's how to become an ordained minister to officiate someone's wedding.

What you need to know about marriage licenses to ensure you'll be legally wed in the United States (and abroad). Plus tips for finding a wedding officiant yourself.

Confused about whether or not you need wedding insurance? Here's the information you need to help you make your decision, including: What wedding insurance covers. What wedding insurance does not cover. How much wedding insurance costs. Where to buy wedding insurance.

If you're considering a beach wedding, then it's important to understand the pros and cons of a beach theme wedding BEFORE you start planning your own. Beach weddings definitely have their own unique charm, but they also have their own unique set of problems. Here's the scoop.

Jim and I had a destination wedding, or a weddingmoon -- a.k.a. a wedding and a honeymoon all combined into one! These photos tell the story of all the fun that was had before, during and after our wedding.

All of the FUN details of our barefoot on the beach wedding in the Bahamas. Plus, tips for planning your very own Destination Wedding in a tropical island paradise location!

See why we decided to go with a Destination Wedding or Weddingmoon rather than your typical marriage and wedding ceremony.