Michael Buble …What A Wedding Date!

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This is a combo music review / movie review…


Michael Buble’s Music

Were it not for the movie, “The Wedding Date” I would probably never have even noticed this guy’s music.

Though I do recall him getting rave reviews recently on some morning news program. At the time, I was mildly intrigued, but his just isn’t the type of music I’ve ever chosen to sit and listen to.

There were 2 of Michael Buble’s songs in this movie — one toward the end called Save The Last Dance For Me,” and the other played in its entirety as the credits rolled called (I Wanna Go) Home.

To hear my favorite (the one that played during the credits), go to Michael Buble’s website and you can listen to the full-length version right there… over and over again. You can also hear 2 other songs: Feeling Good and Save The Last Dance For Me (my other fave from the movie).

I guess he’s Sinatra-esque sounding. Kinda reminds me of Harry Connick Jr. too. Geez, who would’ve ever thought I’d like that type of music?!… Not me.

TIP: If you get the “special editionof Michael Buble’s CD with the above songs on it, you also get 2 bonus tracks: Mack the Knife and Dream a Little Dream. Cool!…



“The Wedding Date” Movie

So, how’s the movie?… Cute, cute, cute!

The lead actors, Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney are adorably sexy (without trying to be), romantic (that’s the point of the movie), and playful (which makes the entire movie FUN).

It’s charming, and the 2 stars are so captivating — from their chemistry together, to their funny moments that were so well acted, they seemed as if they were improv rather than scripted.

And… this movie introduced me to Michael Buble, which is a nice bonus!

Here’s my complete review of “The Wedding Date” (…and a bunch of other movies we’ve seen recently).


Michael Buble's CD 'It's Time'.
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I found Michael Buble’s “It’s Time” CD on sale at Target for $11.99+tax ($13.99 regularly), however, they don’t have the “special edition” with the 2 bonus tracks.

So I chose to order It’s Time… SPECIAL EDITION from Amazon… only $10.75 total (including shipping, etc.)!

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