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Dream Wedding Tip #4: Special Touches & Wedding Favors

This is Part 4 of 5 in a series: “How To Plan Your Dream Wedding

Incorporate Lots Of “Special” Touches That Are As Uniquhe As You

Yes, I know that having disposable cameras on hand for everyone to take candid shots is quite common these days. But I still recommend it — highly!

In addition, think of more FUN things like that to incorporate into your wedding. (Because your wedding should be fun, right?)

From the wedding invitations to the wedding favors to your wedding vows, to the decorations, the many things you could personalize… whether your wedding takes place inside or outside, it doesn’t matter. There are lots of fun ways that you can make your wedding ceremony unique — and memorable!

Granted, some of the things that we did might be considered too silly for some people’s taste — like asking everyone to wear goofy sunglasses for our beach wedding or handing out our own miniature bottles of wine to each guest, rather than having an open bar. But then again, these things created the most lasting memories and images in our minds (…and our photographs!).

Wedding guests wearing the silly sunglasses we provided. Everyone drank from individual champagne bottles, rather than using one big bottle of champagne. For the most part, everyone was carefree and happy... lots of smiles on our wedding day!

Think “Outside The Box”

Here are some other things you could do “outside the box” for your own wedding day:


Your Own Personal Wedding Mementos

Don’t forget to create a unique memento or two for yourself… as a lifelong memento of your special day. Some of these ideas could also be passed on as gifts for your wedding guests.

Some of the beach sand we brought back from the Bahamas, along with some sandollars we found in Florida. For example, we took home 2 large canisters of sand from the beach we were married on. (It was that extra-fine pure white sand — the kind that goes perfectly with rich turquoise blue ocean water!) And I’ve managed to come up with a couple of novel ways to “bottle” some of that sand and display it at our house, year round.

One thing that I intended to do, but forgot…

I meant to incorporate a sprinkling of our wedding beach sand in the Thank You cards to all our guests. You know, kind of like the glittery confetti that people include in cards these days? Yeah, it sounds messy. Maybe that’s why I didn’t do it, even though I knew that those who attended our wedding were as thrilled about it being on a beach as we were.

Here are some unique wedding mementos worth considering…