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Dream Wedding Tip #1: Choose A Unique Location

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Our beach wedding location in the Bahamas.


How To Choose A Unique Location For Your Wedding

Not just any location will do for a dream wedding.

For a dream wedding, you’ll want to consider unusual, extraordinary locations.

  • Try thinking of every place you’ve ever been that has had a lasting impression on you.
  • Explore places you haven’t been yet, as well.

That second one is the option we chose. The less we knew about what it would be like “over there,” the less we felt compelled to worry about and fine-tune all of the little details.

If you choose your location wisely — whether it be the beauty of nature surrounding you, or a picturesque backdrop, or simply a quaint & peaceful locale that’s special to you for some reason — the details will pale in comparison to the entire atmosphere that’s enveloping you and your wedding guests.

For the record, we chose a barefoot-on-the-beach wedding in the Bahamas.

The location doesn’t have to be extravagant… or expensive. If Uncle Henry’s large estate farm has special meaning to you & yours, then Uncle Henry’s place might be the absolute best location for your dream wedding!

The best part: With a dream wedding, you’re not limited by the confines of four walls and a steeple. Dream weddings can take place anywhere that you want!


Some outdoor wedding locations to consider:


A summer wedding in the park.Fun Ways To Incorporate Your Wedding Theme

Don’t overlook the unique ways you can decorate your wedding location for a Fall wedding, versus a Spring wedding, or even a Winter wedding.

Plus, there are numerous unique opportunities when you choose a holiday wedding theme (such as Christmas, Valentine’s, New Year’s… or any number of other wedding themes).