How to Plan Your Dream Wedding: Think Outside The Box!

by Lynnette

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A beachy wedding picture of Jim and Lynnette on the beach in the Bahamas. Are you considering a dream wedding?… a destination wedding?… a weddingmoon? …or how about a second honeymoon?

Allow me to add my $.02 about what makes a dream wedding.

Summarized, it would be this:

Think outside the box!

I had a dream wedding…

Every single thing about our December 7th, 1999 wedding was non-traditional, and we definitely used “outside the box” thinking when it came to planning our own dream wedding.

How To Plan A Dream Wedding

In my mind, here are the 5 key elements to a dream wedding:
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1. A unique location
2. Comfortable clothes (and shoes!)
3. As many people as possible
4. Out of the ordinary touches
5. An open mind and a sense of humor

What Makes A Dream Wedding

A dream wedding can be as personalized as you want it to be.

But, in the end, a dream wedding should be:

We’re talking bare bones… very little “fluff”… and you only need a few “special touches” to make your wedding a) unique, b) memorable, and c) a dream wedding. Our destination wedding cruise cost us a TOTAL of $5,260. Period. (And that included the 4-day cruise-slash-honeymoon!)

The only gift you need.
What I mean is this: not everyone that you’re “close” to will be able to attend your dream wedding. Chances are, the location you choose will require additional travel costs, several days spent out of town, etc. Knowing this, we viewed our guests’ attendance at our cruise-wedding as their wedding gift to us. Each of them went above-and-beyond to make this a one-of-a-kind wedding for us. And we were inspired by their flexibility and willingness to participate in our non-traditional wedding of a lifetime.

Even if it is a BYOB kind of fun… Fortunately, all of our friends and relatives can appreciate the “BYOB kind of fun” thing. And that’s exactly what they got: The enjoyment of participating in our wedding, and the bonus of a personal vacation at the same time! Everyone paid their own way, and everyone got a little something in return.