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Wedding Budget Ideas: Wedding Sponsorships vs Splitting The Cost With Another Couple

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By Regina

cutting-the-cake-by-Maoman.jpg Sponsored weddings are becoming more and more popular as a way to help pay for wedding expenses.

Couples who want a dream wedding are finding corporate sponsors to turn their dream into a reality.

In effect, they’re taking the idea of bartering and expanding on it by finding one or more sponsors to subsidize the cost for their wedding ceremony.

As an example, one couple called a local stadium and asked to have their wedding there — in return for the stadium (and other companies) being able to advertise at their wedding.

So, they got a wedding that would have normally cost $100,000 for only $20,000. That’s quite a savings!

Not everyone is happy with the idea of a wedding sponsorship, namely etiquette experts. They claim that the tradition of the wedding — a sacred event — is being turned into a business deal.

What about you? Could you see yourself having a sponsored wedding in order to pull off the wedding of your dreams?

If you’re short on cash and don’t mind bartering for services in exchange for advertising at your wedding, then finding someone to sponsor your wedding may be the answer.


Here’s another novel idea to help reduce wedding expenses…


Split The Costs With Another Couple


Are the costs associated with your wedding becoming more than you can cope with?

Many couples are find their weddings costing far more than they can actually afford.

Another wedding saving tip that might help is to split wedding costs with another couple who is getting married before or after you.

Perhaps their wedding is the same day, or even the day before or after your wedding.

A few things you can save money on, if you’re willing to use their same vendors, are:

  • Flowers
  • Tents
  • Dishes