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Save Money On Your Wedding With A Themed Wedding

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By Regina

pirate-themed-wedding-by-pixelthing.jpg Themed weddings are all the rage. But in addition to being trendy and fun, did you know that having a themed wedding can actually save you money as well?

Here are 11 themed weddings that are easy to put together and they’ll save you money in the long run.

Here’s just a sampler:

  • Mexican Themed Wedding. You could make your own burritos, tacos and other Mexican food for the dinner. For decorations, you could use inexpensive Sante Fe blankets. I have a couple myself. If you don’t, I bet you know someone who has one or two. Also, a pinata is another great idea for a Mexican themed wedding activity.

  • Roman Themed Wedding. Can you say toga? Laurel leaf head pieces are pretty easy to make. And foods were simple back then, so you could provide fresh fruit such as grapes and apples — in place of an expensive wedding cake. The up side to this themed wedding is that you’ll all be eating healthy!

  • Wild West Themed Wedding. This wedding theme is easy because you can serve food like meatloaf or steak and potatoes. For decorations you can make your reception area look like an old time saloon, or you could pattern it after a wild west show. Since cowboy boots and hats aren’t that hard to find, dressing for this wedding theme is easy too.

  • Movie Themed Wedding. Just pick your favorite movie and then pattern your decorations and outfits after it. If you choose a movie like the Matrix for example, you could decorate using computers and data sheets, and everyone could wear black.


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