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Save Yourself A Bunch Of Frustration – Make A Wedding Check Off List

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By Regina

The most important day of your life is just around the corner, and you’re running around trying to make sure everything is taken care of.

You’ve got last-minute appointments with vendors, your bachelorette party, and your mom wants to take you to lunch.

Life couldn’t be more frazzled at the moment, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

One way that you can keep track of every little thing you’ve got to do before the big day is to use a wedding checklist.

A wedding check off list will allow you some breathing room, so that you don’t feel as if you must keep track of everything inside your head.

The Best Wedding Checklists

Here are some really great checklists that will come in handy when planning your wedding:

  • Yearlong Wedding Planning Checklist For Brides – This one basically guides you step-by-step through everything you need to do from the day you decide to get married until you walk down that aisle. It includes all of the big things (and some of the little things) that you need to do a year before your wedding all the way up to the morning of your special day. It’s the ultimate checkoff list for the bride-to-be!
  • Yearlong Wedding Planning Checklist For Grooms – Most wedding checklists are geared towards the bride-to-be rather than the groom, so to find one geared specifically toward the groom is very helpful! I recommend you print this out and share with your fiance soon after the two of you decide to get married.
  • Bridal Registry Checklist – Use this wedding check off list to get an idea of the types of wedding gifts you might want to register for. The items listed here tend to be the most often requested (and received) wedding gifts. A bridal registry checklist like this also enables you to keep track of which items you’ve already placed on one or more bridal registries.
  • Yearlong Wedding Reception Check Off List – I used a wedding reception checklist like this one at my wedding, and boy, did it come in handy! The reception is supposed to be the part where everyone has fun — including the bride and groom. But without careful planning ahead of time, there’s the possibility that lots of little things could go wrong. By listing everything you need to do in the months leading up to your wedding reception, this checklist helps prevent problems from occurring at your party.
  • Wedding Gown Shopping Checklist – Here you can find all of the steps that go into choosing the wedding dress of your dreams. Plus, you can see the types of accessories that you should try to coordinate with your gown. This wedding check off list makes shopping for a wedding gown a very simple process.
  • Wedding Cake & Catering Check Off List – This is a list of very specific questions that you should ask both your caterer and the baker who is preparing your wedding cake. Don’t leave the catering and the details of your cake until the last-minute. You’ll want to get answers to these questions as soon as possible.
  • Wedding Photography Checklist – A list of all the things, people, poses, places, and moments that you want the wedding photographer to capture on your special day. Give this list to your photographer ahead of time, so there’s no question about what you expect. It will help him plan his time most efficiently during the wedding and reception.
  • Just-In-Case Supply List For Your Wedding – This checklist has all those little things that you need when you’re trying to get ready on your wedding day. Stuff like extra bobby pins, facial tissue, extra earring backings, and aspirin. If you’re just too busy to keep track of all the things on this list yourself, you could put one of your bridesmaids in charge of making sure everything’s there when you need it. Delegation is very important to keeping you from feeling overwhelmed.

I recommend taking a look at several different task-specific checklists (both online and in books), then combining the ones that work best for you into your own personalized wedding check off list!

That’s what I did when I got married. That way, I didn’t have a ton of different lists that I had to keep track of. Instead, I typed up my own “ultimate wedding checklist” that included a combination of very specific things from all of the wedding checklists that I found to be the most useful.

With a bit of planning ahead of time, you can create the perfect wedding check off list to meet your needs. As a result, everything you want for your special day will be taken care of in a timely manner and without frustration.