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How To Make Wedding Invitations – Fun Ideas For Creative Types

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By Regina

make-your-own-wedding-invitations-by-Whistling-in-the-Dark.jpg Want to skip the expensive wedding invitations and make your own instead?

Do you enjoy being creative? Maybe you’re a scrapbooker, a rubber stamper, or you make handmade cards as a hobby.

Whatever your particular artistic talents are, there are plenty of cool ways to put those skills to work to make wedding invitations yourself.

First, the advantages of making your own wedding invitations:


I’ll bet you’re just chomping at the bit to get started, right?

Here’s where you can get the materials to make your own wedding invitations:

So now you know why you want to make your own wedding invitations and where to get the supplies. You’re probably wondering how to make them. Here are lots of fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing: