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How To Make Your Own Quick, Simple, Easy & Inexpensive Wedding Favors

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By Regina

inexpensive-wedding-favors-by-campbelj45ca.jpg In all the hustle and bustle that goes along with planning a wedding, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the wedding favors.

Whether you forgot and now it’s the last minute, or you discovered you didn’t budget enough for wedding favors, there are some very nice workarounds for inexpensive wedding favors.

If the idea of making wedding favors has you feeling dreary, then try one of these easy, simple and cheap methods that still manage to look elegant and tasteful:


  • Cut out tulle rounds and then put 3 jordan almonds in the center. Tie it off with a bow whose color matches your bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Purchase mini champagne glasses, tie a ribbon around the stem, and add some candy.
  • Purchase little tulle gift bags or tiny baskets and fill them with candy.
  • Purchase little heart boxes (some come with the ribbon already attached, some come without), and add candy to them.

Also consider these ideas for inexpensive wedding favors: