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Simple Ways To Save Big Bucks With A Wedding On A Budget

wedding_on_a_budget_by_mrflip.jpg A wedding can be the best day of your life (and the most expensive).

From the reception to the food and everything in between, it can add up fast.

Sometimes when planning this special day and perfecting every detail, keeping your wedding on a budget is the last thing on your mind.

Here are some ways to keep your wedding dream alive & save money along the way…


Ways To Save With Wedding Favors For Guests:

  •  Give out very simple, yet personal, gifts.
  •  Limit your gifts to one favor per couple.
  •  Package your own wedding favors.


Ways To Save With Bridesmaid Dresses At Your Wedding:

  •  Buy off-season and off the rack.
  •  Choose the same color dresses, but different styles.
  •  Check out department stores.


Ways To Save With The Wedding Reception:

  •  Hold your ceremony and reception at the same place.
  •  Don’t have your wedding on a Saturday.
  •  The bigger the tables, the better.
  •  Off-peak seasons can save thousands of dollars.
  •  Decrease the number on the guest list.
  •  Shop after holidays for wedding decorations.
  •  Use fun foods & drinks.
  •  Skip the toast.


Ways To Save With Wedding Flowers:

  •  Buy flowers that are in season.
  •  Choose your top 2 flowers.
  •  Use greenery (instead of expensive flowers).
  •  Lanterns & candle lights can add a great, non-floral touch.


Ways To Save With The Wedding Cake:

  •  Simplify the add-ons.
  •  Use fresh flowers instead of sugar ones.
  •  Recycle the flowers from your wedding ceremony at your cake table as well.
  •  Buy a small 1- or 2-tiered cake and keep a larger sheet cake in the kitchen to use.


Ways To Save With Entertainment & Photography At Your Wedding:

  •  Use an associate photographer.
  •  Find someone to do both the ceremony and the reception.
  •  Get a small band.


Ways To Save With Wedding Jewelry:

  •  Borrow pieces from friends & family.
  •  Check out your grandma’s jewelry box.


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