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Saving Money For A Wedding: Interesting Ways To Find More Money

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By Andrea

money-magic-artfavor.gif If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding and your wedding budget is falling short, you basically have 2 choices:

  • Cut back on some of your wedding plans
  • Do some last-minute saving for your wedding

Here are some fun and unique things you can do to find more money for your wedding… 


Start a wedding website.
You can make your own website or use an existing service such as The Knot.  Add a PayPal link where people can give donations to help you pay for the wedding, in lieu of giving a gift.

Have a garage sale.
If you and your fiance are joining items from 2 different households, you may have quite a few things that you can sell.  To up the ante, solicit unwanted items from family and friends to help you raise even more money.  You can have this garage sale in person, or use an online auction site like eBay.  Be shameless about letting people know the proceeds are for your wedding.

Host a party or two.
Consider starting a home party business or contacting a few party plan sales people and arranging a series of parties where they will give you a portion of the sales — instead of gifts.  Market your “parties’ as pre-wedding fundraisers and people will respond positively.

Start a business. 
If you find a great deal of wedding items (like invitations, decorations, etc.), consider starting a business to sell those items to other people planning weddings at a profit. If you find that you are especially gifted at wedding planning (or even small parts of wedding planning — like making wedding invitations), then offer your services to others in order to help pay for your own wedding. Heck, you could even make some extra money walking dogs, babysitting, or running errands for people.


Other Unique Ways To Find Money For Your Wedding: