Planning Your Wedding

You'll save a lot of money by making wedding invitations yourself! photo by SixteenEighteen on Flickr

Using these directions, your wedding invitations will look professional and personalized, plus you'll save a lot of money by making them yourself!

Wedding day flowers. photo by biearwicke

It can be difficult -- but it's not impossible -- to keep your wedding expenses in check. Here are the 3 most important wedding budget tips you need to know.

Your wedding budget is difficult to estimate because it consists of a bunch of numbers from a bunch of vendors, and some unknowns. Simple ways to save money on your wedding.

Are you working on saving money for a wedding? Here are some fun and unique things you can do to find money for your wedding.

Wondering how to make wedding decorations yourself? Here are LOTS Of great ideas to get you started!

What you need to know about marriage licenses to ensure you'll be legally wed in the United States (and abroad). Plus tips for finding a wedding officiant yourself.

If you're trying to save money on your wedding by being thrifty, then taking care of the wedding photos yourself makes a lot of sense! Here are 4 great ideas for obtaining your own unique wedding photos.

Confused about whether or not you need wedding insurance? Here's the information you need to help you make your decision, including: What wedding insurance covers. What wedding insurance does not cover. How much wedding insurance costs. Where to buy wedding insurance.

The best gift ideas for parents of the couple getting married include things like: photo books, quilts or throws, wedding photos in personalized or engraved frames, paperweights, gift baskets, a trip to somewhere fun, wine, and membership in of-the-month clubs. Here are a few of the more UNIQUE gift ideas that parents of the bride or groom might like.