How To Choose The Cake Filling For Your Wedding Cake

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wedding-cake-with-chocolate-cake-filling-by-TheGiantVermin.jpg Choosing a cake filling for your wedding cake is one of the more important decisions when it comes to planning your wedding.

The environment for your wedding will play a large part in what type of cake filling you choose.

Choosing the wrong filling could ruin your wedding cake.

Following are some great tips…


Most Popular Cake Fillings

Generally speaking, there are 7 types of cake fillings that you can choose from.

A few of them are:

  • Ganache. This filling is made from heavy cream and dark chocolate. It is a dense filling that is good in light pound cakes. However, it does not do well in a warm setting. If you’re having your wedding outdoors and it’s warm, then you may want to consider another filling.
  • Buttercream. You’ve probably heard of and tasted buttercream before. This is one of the more common cake fillings, and it’s not just for wedding cakes! It’s made from butter, heavy cream and sugar. It goes well with any type of cake, but you need to be careful with the consistency and be sure that it compliments the type of cake you choose.
  • Mousse. Mousse cake fillings are really good with red velvet, yellow or chocolate cake. Generally speaking, they are a rich but light cake filling. A few suggestions are to use a dark chocolate mousse with a milk chocolate wedding cake, or a cream cheese mouse to compliment a carrot cake.

If the idea of making your own wedding cake complete with wedding cake filling excites you, then you may want to try these recipes: