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Adventure Gifts: One-Of-A-Kind Gift Ideas For Parents Of The Wedding Couple

As the couple getting married, you could give each of your parents simple gifts as a token of your appreciation for their ongoing support… or you could give your parents one-of-a-kind opportunities of a lifetime!

Now, tell me, which do you think they would really enjoy more?

Following are some really unique gift ideas for parents of the wedding couple.


Trust me, these will come as a complete surprise!


An Entire Year’s Worth Of Gifts

Think of their favorite foods, adult beverages, and luxury items.

With that in mind, which “of the month club” do you think they would enjoy most?

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Cigars
  • Flowers
  • Coffee
  • Fruit
  • Pizza
  • Chocolate

If one of those happens to suit their personality and taste to a tee, then you can bet they will enjoy getting that type of gift in the mail regularly — all through the coming year.


Why settle on a single gift when you can send them a gift that keeps on giving and reminds them all year long of how much they’re appreciated?



Cooking Classes & In-Home Cooking Lessons

Who doesn’t want a chance to improve their cooking skills?

Whether your parents are skilled in the kitchen or not, in-home cooking lessons or local cooking classes in their own hometown will help them fine-tune a specific cooking technique or learn some new food tricks.

It’s not everyday that someone has an opportunity to get personal instruction from a world-class chef!

Chef Hangouts are another fun way to get expert tips in your own kitchen!

If an in-home lesson isn’t their style, consider these cooking classes which take place in popular food stores:




Soar High In The Sky

Just about everyone has at least one sky-high adventure on their bucket list.

You can give your parents the gift of a skydiving adventure, a hot air balloon ride, or a soaring glider ride!

Just choose your buy it online and they can present their gift certificate at any one of Soaring Adventure‘s 200 certified locations coast-to-coast.




Drive A Race Car… Fast!

The recipient of this gift will be speechless — especially the moment they step out of the car after living their dream!

This is a great adventure gift idea for the racing enthusiast and longtime sports fan.

Choose your racing school:




Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro

The lucky recipient of this gift can choose their own golf instructor from regional PGA Teachers of the Year, LPGA Top 50 instructors, and former tour players.

They also get to pick the course location.

The golf lesson lasts about an hour, but the techniques and strategies learned will last forever.

Some of the topics covered are: proper alignment, grip, posture, ball position, and swing mechanics.

Rick Zivsak is another noteworthy golf instructor who offers individual and company golf lessons.


If a golf lesson isn’t exactly what you’re after, then consider a golf package at one of the country’s best PGA golf resorts. It will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for the golf enthusiast!



Make Your Own Fun Gift Basket

personalized-gift-basketNo one knows your parents’ unique personalities better than you do. So spend a little time putting together a fun gift basket that’s customized to their own individual taste and style.

Just pick & choose a few smaller items that you think they would like and then package them in a fun way with a super-cool gift certificate for a place you know they’d love or some other “wow” gift as the centerpiece!

Some fun theme ideas:




More Adventure Gift Ideas

Believe it or not, the list is practically endless when it comes to all of the different adventure gifts you can give someone.

If the ones listed above don’t strike your fancy (or the fancy of your parents), then have fun exploring lots more adventure gift ideas here: