Create Your Dream Wedding Dress With These 4 Online Wedding Dress Design Sites

online-wedding-dress-design-by-makelessnoise.jpg If the idea of shopping for just any wedding dress doesn’t excite you, then you may want to consider something entirely new and different: online wedding dress design!

Designing your own wedding dress can be a really fun idea. And if you’re a seamstress, then you could design and create your own wedding dress yourself from scratch.

Thanks to computers and the Internet, there are lots of ways to get ideas for making your own wedding dress.

Recently, online wedding dress design websites have started popping up, and most of them are really cool!

Here are a few of them…


  • Wedding Dress Creator
    I really like this one because it has several different hairstyles, skin tones, jewelry, and dress types. You can even choose different backgrounds and pick an accent color. The only thing this online wedding dress design site lacks is the ability to change the body type of the model. (Not all of us are model thin.)
  • I-Amour
    This one is pretty good, but it doesn’t have as many choices as Wedding Dress Creator does. Also, it kind of comes off as a little too simplistic. In a way, the end result looks more like a cartoon rather than a realistic image. I would imagine the wedding dress designs seen here would probably be relatively simple to duplicate. They do let you choose the eye color, shape of eyebrows, and lipstick colors — which Wedding Dress Creator does not. But there’s no body type choice here either. Oh, and you’ll probably want to turn down the volume on your computer speakers, since this online wedding dress design site plays really annoying music! 
  • i-Village Build Your Dream Dress
    Finally, an online wedding dress design site that allows you to change the body type! This is a great option, since we’re not all model thin and tall. (You can’t really change the height, but you can change the body shape — which is a good thing.) There are also lots of beautiful skirts, bodices, and accessories to choose from. On the downside, there isn’t much color, and the model is just a drawing.
  • Flonga
    Designing your wedding dress on this online wedding dress design site is really fun because, unlike the other programs, you can actually pick your own textures for your wedding dress material. The others allude to texture with the different dress styles, but Flonga actually gives you a few different textures that you can actually try.


Truthfully, it would be great if there was a program that combined the best features of all 4 of these online wedding dress design sites!

My advice is to start with the iVillage one. Then, after picking your design and seeing how it looks on your body type, see if the same style can be created in one of the more colorful programs like Wedding Dress Creator, I-Amour, or Flonga.


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  • Dontwanna

    not exactly what i was looking for but still fantastic :)

  • Auralee

    I keep trying to get to the iVillage design site and can’t seem to find it. Can you tell me where I should look?

    • FunTimesGuide

      Hi Auralee – I fixed the link above. It works now :-D

  • ana

    The only good one was the first one.

  • jacqi

    THANK YOU! i have been looking for the i-village one forever! i couldn’t remember what it was called! thank you again!

  • Sydneyrapp

    I’m planning my wedding and I need a lot of detail! These are not what I’m looking for. But for someone looking for something simple, the i-Village is the best.

  • Chetagrl21

    all i want to do is make a simpal dress and no one is letting me

  • Calla9

    Cannot wait to try this website out for my dad’s girlfriend! 

  • loca

    I am looking for a dress with more detail. But I can’t seem to find any site that will allow me to design my own dress the exact way I want it. I know most of what I want on my dress. Where Could I go to create this??

  • Wdmlrezin

    OK, once you design the dress how can you get a pattern made to make it?

    • Marsalien

      find a site! so like type in wedding dress makers and then wa la u ring em up and ask em for it!

  • cyndrella

    i can design clothes well but i can’t express it yr !

  • danniel

    I think this website is very good and it lets people express their selves

  • betsy

    i want a realistic one

  • Habib

    they still all look so fake

    • Habib

      like really, cmon