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DIY Wedding Bouquets: How To Make Bridal Bouquets Yourself

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By Regina

Call me cheap, but $800 to $1000 just for flowers is way more than I would ever spend — even for my own wedding.

So, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Maybe I could do it myself.”

The truth is yes, you can make your own wedding bouquets and you’ll save a ton of money doing so!


Here’s how…

First, determine how many wedding bouquets you need: one for the bride, and one for each bridesmaid.

Wedding bouquets come in lots of different styles — most of which you can make yourself without having to pay a florist to do it for you.

While you could use a bouquet holder to help you arrange your flowers into a bouquet shape, it’s not that hard to do it without one. Here are some tips for using a bouquet holder to make your hand-tied wedding bouquets.

Following are 2 simple DIY wedding bouquets that you can make yourself.


Top 2 Wedding Bouquet Styles

#1 – The Basic Round Style Bouquet

We’ve all seen these. They’re typically made with roses and have that wonderful dome shape that’s quite common with a traditional wedding bouquet.

  1. Strip the flowers of all thorns, dead leaves, extra leaves, and flower petals that look less than beautiful.
  2. Fill a sink (or bucket) with cold water and — holding the stems under water — cut them at an angle.
  3. Assemble 4 of your flowers into a square shape in the center.
  4. Add roses around that square until you have the dome shape you want.
  5. Wrap a rubberband (or floral tape) about 3 inches down from the flower heads on the stems to hold your bouquet together.
  6. Complete the bouquet by wrapping the stems with ribbon that matches your wedding dress and/or your bridesmaid dresses.


#2 –  The Pageant Style Bouquet

This is actually the easiest wedding bouquet to make. Unlike the round bouquet which requires between 30 to 60 flowers, this wedding bouquet looks great with just 5 flowers!

  1. Gather several long-stemmed flowers, such as roses or cala lillies. Include a mix of smaller and larger flowers.
  2. Start with your smallest flowers and build a sort of triangle shaped arrangement.
  3. Once you have your flowers arranged how you want them, wrap some floral wire around the stems to hold them in place.
  4. Finally, tie ribbon around your bouquet to cover the wire.

Those are my two favorite DIY wedding bouquets that you can make for your big day.

There are several other bouquet styles you could choose from as well.

If you haven’t decided on a particular style yet, here are some tips to help you choose the shape of your wedding bouquet.

Heck, you could even come up with some creative bouquet styles on your own if you try!


Other Creative DIY Wedding Bouquets