Top 20 Wedding Dance Videos – Ideas & Inspiration For Making Your Own Wedding Dance Video

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Looking for a fun way to start your wedding day?

You might want to consider making a unique wedding dance video. It’s a memory that will last forever — for both you and your guests!

Plus, it’s a great way to lighten things up at your wedding, rather than everything being so serious throughout the entire wedding ceremony — as most weddings are.

Need some inspiration?

Check out the following wacky wedding dance video that became a media sensation overnight (see the little-known secrets behind the making of that wedding dance video)…


Wedding Dance Videos

As far as unique wedding ideas go, this one takes the cake. And it wouldn’t be difficult for you to do the same thing at your own wedding.

Below, you can see the original wedding dance video that’s making all the news these days, followed by another couple’s version of the same thing. See, you could do something fun like that, as well!





Now, for even more wedding video inspiration, check out these 20 wedding dance videos:

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